The Athletes Foot was founded 34 years ago by the owner Mr. Barry Selby who is still very active in the store. The athletes foot is an independent sports store which focuses predominately on running. We stock a full range of complimentary active wear, clothing and accessories from leading international brands. 

"Athleisure" is a new buzz word at the moment and being able to adapt to the ever demanding changes keeps us all young.

Our highly trained staff will do their absolute best to ensure you a pleasant shopping experience and ensure you don't end up buying blindly. We help you select the best shoe. Our store manager has many years of sport and retail knowledge which contributes towards to successes of the business. "Being able to part with knowledge and share in the growth it provides is why we love our work".

A few of our staff are accomplished runners and multi-sport athletes themselves, so speaking your language should not be a problem, unless you are "that guy". 

We look forward to welcoming you back soon. 


At the foot of Table Mountain, within a stone's throw from the Cape Town Stadium in the heart of Cape Town's working harbour, you will find the V&A Waterfront and The Athletes Foot store.

The V&A Waterfront offers the visitor an abundance of unforgettable experiences. You will find The Athletes Foot located on the Table Bay Hotel side of the shopping mall on the lower level opposite Woolworths. The Athletes Foot is small independent store, big on service. Our skilled staff are trained to make your shopping experience a memorable one. For the more serious runner, fear not, most of our staff are runners themselves, so we speak your language. 

Besides the wide range of top branded running shoes on offer, we carry a range of complimentary branded apparel, lite weight jackets, and RUN accessories.  



Unlike many stores, in order to guide you in purchasing the correct shoe for your unique running style, our staff ask a few questions to reduce your risk of buying blind.

If we decide to carry a particular brand, it’s because we believe in the product. All the products we carry are related to run, selected with the goal in mind of helping you move forward. If it doesn’t serve this purpose, we don’t carry it. Simple. 

  • What type of shoe are you looking for? Running, Walking, Road, Trail, ALL of the above.

  • What is your level of running experience? NOT 10 years ago!

  • How much do you run in a typical week? We will divide by half … just saying

  • What is your average run pace? Same as above…

  • What type of arch do you have?

  • What are your motion mechanics? Neutral, Over pronator or I Don’t Know. We are able to conduct an analysis if you have the time.

  • How does your foot strike the ground? Forefoot Strike, Mid foot Strike, Heel Strike, or I Don’t Know. We can assist.

  • What would you like to get out of your running shoe, running experience?

  • These Q&A's guide us, together with you, in selecting the shoe best suitable for you. 

There is no BEST shoe, so do not be put out when they answer saying so.